Poached Pears with Chocolate Mousse

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This final course will ensure you taste the sweetest of victories.
Preparation time
Cooking time


Chocolate Mousse:

3/4 cup water, flavoured with your favourite liquor

220g high qualitychocolate (70% cocoa), melted

100ml pure cream

Ice cubes

Poached Pears:

21/2 cups sugar

3 star anise

5 slices ginger

1 clove1 3-inch cinnamon stick

4 pears


Chocolate Mousse:

1. Using the whisk attachment of your Sunbeam StickMaster combine the flavoured water and melted chocolate together in the beaker.

2. Slowly pour in the cream whilst whisking.

3. Sit the beaker into a bowl of ice and whisk the chocolate mix until light and mousse like consistency. Chill until set.

4. Using two spoons make a quenelle with the mousse and lightly toss in a good quality cocoa powder. Serve with wild hibiscus syrup.

Poaches Pears: 

1. Combine sugar and spices with 3 cups water in a medium saucepan and turn heat to high, bring syrup to the boil and then reduce heat to simmer.

2. Simmer the syrup for 15 mins or until all sugar has dissolved. Set aside to cool completely.

3. Peel and core pears, leaving stems on, place in FoodSaver bags and pour syrup into bag.Vacuum seal using your Sunbeam FoodSaver.

4. Sous Vide pears for 60 mins.

5. Remove pears from bag and retain syrup. Pour the syrup into a saucepan and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cook until syrup has thickened slightly. Remove from heat and cool.