World Class Cooking with Sunbeam Home Appliances

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August 2011
Watched by 2.6 million Australians, last night's MasterChef finale was a fitting end to a great season, as Sunbeam products assisted Kate and Michael in three nail-biting challenges, with Kate emerging as the deserving winner of Series three.

Sweating it out through a mystery box challenge and an invention test in part one of the finale, the contestants embarked on a third challenge, a pressure test set by Noma's infamous head chef, René Redzepi, 'The Snowman - A Dessert of Carrots.'

In the highest rating hour of season three (2.6 million viewers), Sunbeam products featured heavily as Kate and Michael pulled together the complex elements of the quirky dessert.

Sunbeam's StickMaster Pro SM8650 and MixMaster MX8900W featured heavily as the contestants pureed carrots and mixed glossy meringue. Accuracy was key to the successful execution of the snowman, and Sunbeams Electronic scales FS7800 were on hand to measure precise quantities.

"MasterChef continues to go one better and surprise us with the caliber of challenges, guests and celebrity chefs," said Nicole Cowley, Marketing Manager, Sunbeam Corporation.

"This year, Sunbeam products were featured creating world-class dishes of the highest difficulty and we are pleased to see that our products can really stand up in some of the toughest international culinary challenges," said Cowley.

In a season where many of the key finalists were dessert-pros, sweet dishes often seemed to take centre stage, with Sunbeam appliances never far away in the production of some remarkable dishes.

Last night's episode of MasterChef was Channel Ten's top rating program for 2011 and has been a consistent ratings success throughout the 14 week season.

As well as Sunbeam products being used by contestants, Sunbeam's Designed To Help When it Counts TVC was featured throughout the series and coupled with their sponsorship of the popular MasterClass section of the website, MasterChef has proven to be a winning partnership for the brand in its third season.

"We look forward to continuing out association with the MasterChef franchise and look forward to seeing what Shine and Channel Ten can cook up in seasons to come." said Cowley.

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