The handiest little mixer around

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April 2010
Sunbeam's new Mixmaster® Hand Mixer is the perfect solution for the busy baker that has limited kitchen storage space.

With the same look as Sunbeam's Café Series® Mixmaster, and a range of practical features, the Mixmaster® Hand Mixer is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

The Hand Mixer's powerful 350 watt motor and six speeds plus boost button, ensures even and thorough mixing for all cake batters and mixtures.

The retro-designed Sunbeam Mixmaster® Hand Mixer is the only hand mixer on the market to include balloon whisks, which are the best way to aerate eggs and whip up a smooth batter. The balloon whisks are ideal for perfecting desserts such as sponge cakes and pavlovas, which rely on good technique in the early stages of the recipe.

The Hand Mixer also comes with several other handy attachments including Vgroove beaters for creaming butter and sugar, plus cake mixes, and dough hooks for kneading heavy mixtures such as bread or pizza dough.

A quick release ejection button removes attachments easily, for flexibility and complete ease in cleaning.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster® Hand Mixer (JM6600) is available from leading electrical retailers and department stores nationally, April 2010 for RRP $69.95

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