Super slim for weighing in

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October 2008
If bulging kitchen cupboards are weighing you down, Sunbeam has the answer with its new ultra slim Stainless Food Scales.

The electronic kitchen scales with a five kilogram capacity are just 1cm in width for a lightweight design that鮒s easy to store. Just like at your favourite deli, the electronic scales feature a "tare" function which allows the user to zero the weight of a container to which consecutive ingredients may be added, yet weighed individually. There's also no need to reach for a conversion chart when faced with imperial measurements. The Food Scales can measure ingredients in either grams or ounces for use with imperial or metric recipes. Fluid ounces and millilitres can also be used when measuring liquid quantities. The Sunbeam Food Scales are fitted with high precision sensors to ensure ingredients are weighed accurately regardless of where they are positioned on the platform. Suitable for home cooks of all ages, the scales feature a large LCD screen to make it easy to see weights and the battery low indicator.