Sunbeam’s New Juicer Range: Same Fruit In, More Juice Out

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Sunbeam has launched three new juicers into the market this summer in response to a rising consumer demand for higher juice yields and maximum nutritional value.

The Sunbeam Slow Juicer, the Double Sieve Juicer Pro and the Double Sieve Juicer are engineered in Australia and feature the latest Sunbeam technology. 

The Slow Juicer JE9000 (RRP $299) uses a screw like action to press and squeeze the juice from fruit and vegetables. The process creates a high juice yield resulting in drier waste pulp and ensures that more nutrients remain in the juice. For those who like their juice super smooth, the smoother juice filter can be used for pulp free juice. For a fast clean, or to clean between juices, simply pour water through the juicer.  

With Sunbeam’s Double Sieve technology, exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, the Sunbeam Double Sieve Juicer Pro JE7800 (RRP $179) and the Double Sieve Juicer JE5600 ($169), use precision engineering to extract up to 10% more juice from fruit and vegetables compared to the Juice Stream JE5200. The unique double sieve is constructed from two layers of high performance, durable stainless steel micro mesh filter to first juice the fruit and then juice the pulp. To help extract the maximum juice levels, the appliance features two speed options, ‘Soft & Squeezy’ for soft fruits with high water content and ‘Hard & Crunchy’ speed for harder fibrous fruit and vegetables. Consumers will spend less time chopping and more time juicing with the 70mm wide chute, which allows quick and easy whole fruit and vegetable juicing. The large 1 Litre Juicing Jug with forth separating lid ensures an easy pour and smooth tasting juice. 

“With the growth in the juicing category, consumers are more educated as to the difference between juicers and look for appliances that offer higher juice yields and maximum nutritional value as well as the latest technology at an affordable price point. They are also looking for appliances that are easy to clean and store. Sunbeam has developed the three appliances in response to this consumer feedback,” said, Katie Berra, Sunbeam Product Manager – Juicers & Garment Care.

All appliances come with a 12 month warranty.

For Sunbeam product information and stockists call 1300 881 861