Sunbeam lending a hand at Wayside

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October 2009
The Wayside Chapel, in Kings Cross for 45 years, every week sees people presenting themselves to show their life after addiction and after homelessness.

There is always hope and there is always good stories taking place. There are always people leaving the street to set up house and set up a new life. The move to a new life is not easy by any measure. It's tough to move into a unit with nothing and try to establish some kind of normality.

Local resident and Sunbeam employee, Zoe Tattersall, recognized the difficulties being faced by those about to move into a new home. "There are quite a few hoops to jump through to be approved for Departmental Housing, so it seemed like a good idea to put together some house warming presents for successful applicants"

"I put a proposal to David Jackson (Sunbeam CEO) that we donate some Sunbeam products to the Wayside. David was happy to approve the idea and allowed me to start choosing and sourcing the products over the next few months, and the Sunbeam Start-up Kit was born. We put together 5 kits with a variety of essential household products such as a toaster, a kettle, a cooking appliance, a heater and an iron", Zoe Tattersall said.

Last month, Zoe and David Jackson presented the first batch of Sunbeam Start-up kits, during the weekly cooking class at Wayside.

Pastor of the Wayside Chapel, Rev. Graham Long appreciates Sunbeam's gesture for those who 'fall by the Wayside'. "Sunbeam has recognised that the best place to offer support is at the very moment when people bravely step out on a pathway to a better life."

"Practical help that has come because Sunbeam is lending a hand", Rev Long said.

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The Wayside Chapel has provided unconditional love, care and support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross since 1964. Each year, thousands of people visit the Wayside for assistance in gaining equitable access to essential health, welfare and related services. The Wayside Chapel is well known for its Youth Service, Community Services Centre and Day to Day Living Programs.