Sunbeam: A trusted brand with great design - just ask the pros

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July 2011
Sunbeam continues to demonstrate its brand integrity and commitment to design; with a big week of recognition from the Reader's Digest 'Australia's Most Trusted' awards and the Australian International Design Awards announced last Friday.

Sunbeam was highly commended in the Reader's Digest poll that measures
Australia's trust in local brands. This poll is highly regarded as one of the
nation's best consumer barometers of trust and with Sunbeam's strong
heritage and brand recognition this is a quality accolade.

Sunbeam's design credentials were recognised in the 2011 Australian
International Design Awards (AIDA) last Friday, with no less than three of
Sunbeam's products awarded a Good Design Mark.

Sunbeam's Pure Elements® Toaster (TA8200), Pure Elements® Grill
(GC7200) and Verve® Irons were all recognised, demonstrating Sunbeam's
commitment to innovative design and technology, and the resulting
consumer demand for their products.

"We are very pleased to be recognised in the AIDA's; this is a good
endorsement for us; a reward for investment in local design," said Nick
O'Loughlin, General Manager, Product Design, Sunbeam Corporation.

The AIDA's are one of the longest standing and most prestigious design
awards in the world. With a proud heritage dating back to the Industrial
Design Council of Australia established in 1958, the AIDA's are recognised
as Australia's peak design endorsement scheme by the International Council
of Societies of Industrial Design.

"The Pure Elements® range has seen many design incarnations and the
final product range was decided with great care. We wanted to put
something innovative and different on the market, and our consumers have
reacted well," O'Loughlin said.

Adjudicators recognised the effort that had gone into creating a refined
design in the Pure Elements® range, with clean lines, a sophisticated
aesthetic and a commitment to the ever changing needs of consumers. The
Verve® range was awarded for delivering a next generation steam iron that
was the result of ten years listening, observing and anticipating customers'
needs. The Verve® range is designed to minimise ironing time through
superior steam performance and temperature control.

In addition to being recognised with a Good Design Mark, Sunbeam's Pure
Elements® Toaster will be displayed in the Australian International Design
Awards 2011 exhibition at the Powerhouse museum.