Slow and Steady wins the Race (and cooks the perfect dinner!)

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April 2010
With winter on the way, Sunbeam is bringing out the head chef in every mum with the new HP5590 Electronic Slow Cooker.

With its sleek brushed stainless steel exterior, removable ceramic crock pot and programmable cooking time, the Sunbeam HP5590 serves up a great meal every time.

Ideal for large busy families, this new slow cooker features three heat settings: Low / High / Keep Warm. Furthermore, with the inclusion of an advanced programmable timer, meals can be pre-prepared in the morning and ready for serving right when you need it, so it is one less activity to think about in the evening rush.

The HP5590 Electronic Slow Cooker has a 5.5 litre capacity, so it is ideal for large families and those who frequently host dinner events.

Serving a crowd is a breeze as the removable cord allows you to place the slow cooker on the dining room table. In addition, the removable ceramic crock has a vitreous glazed surface, so it's perfect to double as a serving dish!

Teamed with the convenience of dishwasher safe crock insert and glass lid, you really can't go past the hottest appliance on the market, the Sunbeam HP5590 Electronic Slow Cooker.

The Sunbeam HP5590 Electronic Slow Cooker is available from leading electrical retailers and department stores nationally from April. RRP: $99.95.

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