My Kitchen Rules is a winner for Sunbeam 300 Sunbeam appliances featured on hit TV show

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April 2013
48 Mixmaster® Hand Mixers, 47 StickMaster® Pros, 45 Stainless Food Scales and 27 Cafe Series® Planetary Mixmasters® were just some of the 300 Sunbeam small appliances...
...that My Kitchen Rules (MKR ) contestants used to blend, mix, measure and whip-up culinary delights during the fourth season of the hit Channel 7 show.

Sunbeam appliances featured on Sunday night's nail biting final with just under 3 million people watching Dan and Steph use the Sunbeam Cafe Series® Planetary Mixmasters® to whip up their delicious, Chocolate Peppermint Delice while Jake and Elle used the Sunbeam Cafe Series® Deep Fryer to crisp up their traditional Italian Crostoli.

The popularity of the fourth season of My Kitchen Rules has been a huge success for Sunbeam, which was the exclusive small kitchen appliance provider for the show. The partnership ensured that Sunbeam's popular small appliances were used by the 15 teams in every cooking segment across the three month show.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, John Turnbull, Sunbeam General
Manager, Marketing, said; "Sunbeam's diverse range of appliances lends itself so well to Australia's highly successful reality cooking shows. Our products are designed with passionate home cooks in mind so programmes such as My Kitchen Rules showcase our ethos of tailoring products to the needs of everyday Australians."

Following the success of the programme, Sunbeam has seen a rise in sales of its
Mixmaster® Hand Mixer and across the Cafe Series® range.


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