MasterChef Finalists Avoid Elimination Thanks To Sunbeam Duos™ Electronic Sous

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MasterChef finalists, Lynton and Emma, avoided elimination last night thanks to the Sunbeam Duos™ Electronic Sous Vide.

The dishes that they created using the first non-commercial sous vide, propel them both to the next round as they battle it out to be crowned, MasterChef winner 2013.

In the elimination challenge, both Lynton and Emma, along with their celebrity chef mentors Matt Germanchis and Ryan Flaherty chose to use the sous vide method of cooking to create a menu which best represented their food dream.  Lynton, choose to create Sous Vide Lamb Rack, while Emma created a delicate Beurre Blanc Sous Vide Dory.

“Sous Vide describes a method of cooking whereby food is placed in vacuum sealed pouches and is slowly cooked in a water oven at a set temperature. Sealing the food allows the food to cook in its own juices, locking in essential vitamins and minerals and intensifying natural flavours. The sous vide method was the perfect choice for both contestants who wanted to showcase the natural flavour of their food, and have it taste and be as tender as possible,” said, Nicole Norton, Product Manager Cooking, Sunbeam.

MasterChef judge, Matt Preston, said of Emma’s Sous Vide Dory: “If all fish could taste like that, I’d be a happy man”, while Greg Mehigan said of Lynton’s Lamb: “ I love that, every element is beautiful and delicate.”

MasterChef Finals week continues tonight and is proudly sponsored by Sunbeam.

The Sunbeam Duos™ Electronic Sous Vide and Slow Cooker is available from various retailers across Australia. 

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