Help clean indoor air pollution

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June 2008
According to research from the University of Technology, Sydney, indoor air can be as much as 10 times more polluted than outdoor air(1).
The new Sunbeam Air Purifier is designed to cleanse the air inside the home by removing dust, dust mites, pollen and skin cells from pets and humans with 99 percent efficiency.

Poor indoor air quality can affect general health and wellbeing by causing respiratory problems, a runny nose, headaches or a fit of the sneezes. Many of the particles that make indoor air unhealthy are smaller than 10 microns - which makes detection difficult.

The good news is that there are simple ways you can begin to clean the air in your home to help your family breathe easy. Introduce indoor plants, dust and vacuum regularly, limit the amount of cigarette smoke inside, keep pets outside and introduce the Sunbeam Air Purifier.

The Sunbeam Air Purifier uses an advanced four stage filtration process which includes a pre-filter, carbon filter, main filter and ioniser. The ioniser works by releasing negative ions that attract dust and pollen to help the air purification process.

With very low running costs and ease of portability the Sunbeam Air Purifier is an effective solution to fresher indoor air.

Not only is the design a sophisticated addition to the home's décor. The appliance is also easy to use with its stylish remote control and three cleaning levels which can be set to low, medium and high.

The Sunbeam Air Purifier Model AC8500 is available from leading electrical and department stores nationally. RRP: $199.00

1 UTS research May 2008, view