Cut back on bucks spent at the barber

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September 2009
If the family budget has become a little tighter with the onset of the global financial crisis, one expense that can be cut back is a trip to the barber thanks to Sunbeam's new Cordless Ceramic Hair Cutting Set.

The set provides a fast and efficient way to cut men's hair within the comfort of home.

The new set has 11 different cutting lengths and two adjustable cutting combs, ranging from 4mm to 40mm, so that each family member can achieve their preferred style. The versatile clippers also feature a thinning function for reducing hair volume without changing hair length - ideal for those with thick locks.

Saving time and money, the cordless clippers run for up to one hour, once fully charged, and can be used to cut dad's, brother's and granddad's hair, all in quick succession.

For ultimate flexibility, the Sunbeam Cordless Ceramic Hair Cutting Set can be used on either wet or dry hair. After use, the ceramic blades - which maintain their superior performance over many years - can be removed and easily cleaned by rinsing them under running water.

Additional accessories include oil and a brush to keep the clippers clean; scissors to tidy up and shape difficult to reach areas and a convenient charging base which holds all of the accessories while the clippers are being charged.

The Sunbeam Cordless Ceramic Hair Cutting Set is available from leading electrical retailers and department stores nationally from October. RRP: $34.95.

Sunbeam enquiries: 1300 881 861 or visit