Another reason to upgrade to Australia’s no.1 irons

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October 2009
Sunbeam is rewarding customers when they upgrade to Australia's number one irons by offering up to $30 cash back on selected Sunbeam iron purchases.

Having started on the 1st October, the promotion will run until the 30th November 2009. The cash back values range from $10, $20 and $30, depending upon the product.

The irons in the cash back include the top of the range Accura Digital Resilium SR6900 which features the unique Twin Element Technology to produce maximum steam at low temperatures, without dripping, The Accura Digital Resilium SR6900 sells for $149 and offers a $30 cash back.

Other irons include the Ultura 90 Resilium SR5990, Ultura 80 Stainless SR5880 and PerfectTemp Digital SR7200, which all offer a $20 cash back.

Sunbeam is making it easier and faster for consumers to receive the cash back with the introduction of an EFT (electronic funds transfer) option. Consumers can elect to have the claim paid directly into a nominated bank account. This will dramatically cut the waiting period from around 28 days to only 5 days.

To claim the cash back, consumers must go to and follow the links to the iron cash back page.

The cash back will be heavily supported in store with eye-catching point of sale materialincluding swing tags and in-store leaflets.

Sunbeam enquiries: 1300 881 861 or visit