FoodSaver® - The Home Vacuum Packaging System

The FoodSaver® home vacuum packaging system is the revolutionary way to store food. Using a patented vacuum packaging system, the FoodSaver® removes air from specially designed bags and canisters to create a commercial quality vacuum.

This proven technology extends food freshness 5x longer than conventional storage methods.

Air is the enemy of food freshness. Oxygen and moisture in air cause food to degrade over time and lose flavour, texture and nutritional value. Unlike conventional storage methods such as plastic wrap and containers, the FoodSaver® removes air and moisture before sealing items airtight, keeping food fresher for longer.

FoodSaver® Hints & Tips

  • Coffee beans keep flavour for longer when vacuum packaged - enjoy a delicious and fresh cup of coffee at any time.
  • Peel ripe bananas, vacuum and seal in a FoodSaver® bag.  Freeze and use when ready to make delicious banana cake.  Bananas will not have discoloured.
  • Mix together your favourite cookie recipe and freeze the cookie dough. When you want homemade cookies, take out the dough, thaw and bake.
  • Keep critical documents safe, secure and dry.
  • Waterproof belongings for trips to the beach, hiking or sailing.
  • Avoid leaking liquids in your suitcase.
  • Portion control of meals - prepare early and always have healthy meals available.
  • Keep wine and oils fresher for longer.
  • Keep silverware from tarnishing and always enjoy a sparkling table setting.
  • Fill a bag with water and freeze for an instant ice pack - perfect for your next picnic or day out.
  • Use as a laminator for recipe cards, luggage tags or documents.
  • Enjoy your garden year-round. Harvest at the peak of perfection, then simply blanch, vacuum package and freeze.
  • Dinner is a breeze when you can have mashed potatoes anytime. Buy in bulk and prepare into meal size portions,  vacuum package and freeze with the FoodSaver® system. It is so easy to heat up in the microwave when needed!
  • What a great gift! A fresh package of your own homemade goodies.
  • Make up individual-sized packages of treats to take along on short trips or days out.


Save Food – Food Lasts Longer

The FoodSaver® system keeps food fresh for up to 5x longer than ordinary storage methods like zipper bags, foil, plastic wrap and containers which trap air inside, causing food to lose flavour and nutrition quickly over time. You can keep meat in the freezer for up to three years without freezer burn, cheese stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to eight months, and pantry goods stay dry for up to two years.

Save Time and Marinate in Minutes

Marinate your food in a fraction of the time using FoodSaver®. Vacuum Packaging opens the pores in food such as meat, poultry and seafood, absorbing marinates in around 12 minutes, instead of the traditional hours it can sometimes take. Meal preparation is quick and easy and food is ready to cook in minutes. No time to cook every day? No problem. Cook one day a week, vacuum package and freeze. When you're ready to serve, FoodSaver® bags can be used directly in a variety of cooking methods. Place bags into boiling water to sous vide or in the microwave to steam cook. Healthy, simple and convenient.

Save Money & Space

Using the FoodSaver® system to store and protect your food prevents waste caused by spoilage and freezer burn. You can save by buying in bulk or taking advantage of savings when shopping; vacuum package into portion sizes and maintain freshness during long-term storage. Vacuum packs lay flat and are easy to stack, so they take up less space than food packaging. Label the clear bags to make your food quick to find and easily identifiable.