JE7800 Double Sieve Juicer Pro

Get more juice* with Sunbeam’s exclusive double sieve technology. The unique double sieve first juices the fruit then juices the pulp so with the same fruit in you get more juice out.

Sunbeam’s new Double Sieve Juicer Pro JE7800 was independently tested to prove that it delivered more juice than the Juice Stream JE5200.
  Starting Weight JE7800 Average Juice Yield JE5200 Average Juice Yield Increase in Juice Yield
Apple 1000g 726g 685g +6%
1000g 623g 559g +12%
Watermelon 1000g 846g 771g +10%
Each food was tested five times by Intertek Laboratory in September 2013. Results have been equalised to 1kg starting weight amounts.

* Compared to the Juice Stream JE5200